Free shipping from 100 Euro order!

Free shipping from 100 Euro order!

About FlowSoul

Who is behind FlowSoul?

Hi there! My name is Lars. I created FlowSoul for many reasons.


The main reason may be that I am practicing physical and spiritual activities such as Yoga, Fitness, Flow Arts and Meditation since many years. I wanted to create a shop where I can offer sustainable products for people who also share an interest in such physical and spiritual activites and sustain a very inner-centered and active lifestyle.


With my knowledge in web design and development, I have created this shop. I collaborate with a sustainable printer in France to create unique printed clothing for yoga, meditation, acrobatics, flow arts, and circus enthusiasts. And of course everyone else, who likes my artworks and clothes 😉


I am just in the beginning of creating FlowSoul. However, I am already thinking about how I can generate something out of this shop that will support other artists, yoga teachers and those, who may need support the most. There will be a lot of things happening with FlowSoul in the near future. For sure!


I hope you enjoy my work and find something you like in my shop.
If you have any suggestions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Warm regards,

Lars of FlowSoul

Clothing and accessories with unique designs.

The unique printing designs on each product relate to physical and spiritual activities such as yoga, juggling, flow arts, acrobatics, meditation, and more. New designs and clothes made by me are added almost every week. Currently, I focus on outerwear like hoodies and t-shirts, as well as sustainable accessories like eco-friendly shoulder bags.

Environmentally friendly and ethical production.

The products here at FlowSoul mainly consist of organic cotton or recycled polyester. Most products are being produced under the criteria of the  Fair Wear Foundation. Part of the Fair Wear Foundation criteria are ethical Aspects such as no child labor and fair salaries for everyone involved in the production processes.


Other labels such as the “Global Organic Textile Standard” or the “Oeko-Tex Standard 100” stand for an environmentally-friendly production of the clothing products which indicates the usage of sustainably produced materials (e.g. organic cotton).


You can read more about sustainability and quality here at FlowSoul in the following article:


Sustainability and Quality at FlowSoul