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Sustainability and quality at flowsoul

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Sustainability and Quality at FlowSoul

What is differernt here at FlowSoul compared to other shops?


I would like to answer this question in this article.

Here at FlowSoul, the products get printed in a printing factory in France whereby this company sets a high focus on sustainable and environmentally-friendly production process.

The goal at FlowSoul is to create a shop for active alternative people that offers as sustainable and in best case also fair traded products as possible.

It is, of course, questionable whether such a shop can be sustainable in any way since consumption is being stimulised increasingly. However, as a matter of fact, consumption cannot be erased, but it is better to offer people like you opportunities in shopping more ecological.


The focus here at FlowSoul also relies on high quality products, not just sustainable. However, offering sustainable products most of the times interrelates with high quality. As for example, you may have recognised that the Hoodies or T-Shirts here at FlowSoul are more expensive than in most other Shops. This is because the production costs are higher.

The higher costs come up doe to the fact, that ethical and qualitative aspects are involved in every clothing product. For example, most t-shirts indicate the aspects of the Fair Wear Foundation in every production process. From the cotton up to your wardrobe, it is guaranteed that the aspects have been fulfilled.


If you have not heard about the Fair Wear Foundation yet, you can watch the short explanation video about the organisation in the following video:


Besides the Fair Wear Foundation, there are also other labels and standards included in the clothing products. Here are pictures of the labels that you can find in every product description:

Shortly summarised, the aspects that involve sustainable and high quality aspects of the clothes here at FlowSoul are the following:

All of these aspects are part of the products here at FlowSoul. Of course, not every piece of clothing is labeled with every aspect. You can see in the product descriptions of each piece of clothing which labels and aspects are included in the clothing.


Why am I describing this topic so detailed in the article?


The reason for that is that I want to clarify the sustainable and high quality aspects. It also can be said that, with each purchase you make in this Shop, you are contributing to a fairer and environmentally-friendly textile industry.

In the end, you will not just leave your contribution, but you also receive a wonderful piece of cloth that represents your passion to a fascinating hobby such as acrobatic, yoga, flow arts and the like.


Wonderful, not so? 😉


To present you some first impressions about the high qualitative products you will receive, here are some pictures as examples:

As you can see in the pictures, the garments are characterized by the high-quality processing of the seams, the material and the print.


Each piece of clothing is made with at least 85% organic cotton, which makes the clothing very comfortable to wear (I have personally tested the products myself).


Also, the clothes do not smell of chemicals, as it is the case with some clothing wholesalers. Unfortunately, I can’t prove the smell digitally. Try it out with an order via the shop and convince yourself.

For now, this is all I wanted to tell you about the sustainability and quality of FlowSoul.

I hope you have recognized the positive impact you create with an order here on FlowSoul and how you can make the textile industry a little bit better with your purchase.

And still get a long-lasting piece of clothing with a great motive!


Have fun wearing 🙂

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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