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What is Flow Arts?

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What is Flow Arts?

What exactly is FlowArts? And how can you start with it?

In this article, you can find first answers to this question. Maybe, you will figure out whether Flow Arts can be a new exciting activity and hobby for you after reading this article. Enjoy reading 🙂

Flow Arts is also known under the term “Moving Arts” and refers to a variety of activites that combine three aspects: Body movement, Music and virtual arts.

At Flow Arts, artists use different tools, also called “props” with which the artist dances rythmically to music.

Some of the most famous tools and techniques in the Flow Arts Scene are:

One of the most important characteristics of Flow Arts is the ability to get into a state of total focus and presence in the moment, also known as the “flow state”. This state can be achieved through repetition of movements and the connection of breathing and music. Flow artists, i.e. people who practice flow arts, say that in this state they can completely relax and forget their worries and problems. Comparable to reaching a meditative state.

Flow Arts also encourages creativity and self-expression. By using different tools and techniques, artists can bring their own personality and style to their performances. There is no right or wrong way to practice Flow Arts and everyone can create their own tricks and combinations. Flow arts are also a great form to improve coordination, fine motor skills and fitness.

Here is a list of some more advantages that come with practicing Flow Arts regularly:

Flow Arts offers you a unique opportunity to connect body, mind and soul and to express your own creativity and self-expression. There are no age restrictions or requirements to practice Flow Arts and it’s a great way to keep yourself fit and healthy while improving your skills and expressing creative abilities.


This activity is a unique and fascinating form of movement art that is growing in popularity and is worth trying. There are more and more schools and teachers offering courses, and there are also more and more events and festivals specializing in flow arts.

Does this sound interesting for you?

There are many opportunities to start with Flow Arts. You can for example write me an E-Mail or contact me on Instagram and I will help you with some tips, or you can start with getting your first “Prop” and watching some Tutorials on YouTube. Drex is a great teacher for Poi, for example. I can also give you a Workshop (probably digitally) or refer you to other great Flow Artists.

There are also many online forums and social media groups where you can network with other flow art enthusiasts and learn from their experiences. Here is an example of a Facebook group: FlowArts Community

Once you have been practicing for a while, you will also learn about the many great conventions and other events where acrobats, jugglers, flow artists and many other like-minded people gather to train and exchange ideas.


Here is the largest fire convention in Germany. Or even Europe’s: Phoenix Fire Convention


With that being said, enjoy your entry into a whole new world. The Flow Arts world 🙂

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